17 Songs

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

The name of Maria Farantouri is often linked to that of Mikis Theodorakis. Indeed it was him who discovered her talent when she was only sixteen years old, and after that she performed the music of Mikis on many occasions. Her fame started in 1965 when she reached the top with her first record, Theodorakis' "The Mauthausen Cycle". She left Greece in 1967 after the military dictatorship had begun. Her music was banned in Greece by the military Junta, and she protested against it in hundreds of concerts all over the world until 1974.

Apart from collaborations with Theodorakis, Maria also worked with Manos Hadjidakis, Zubin Mehta and Zülfü Livanelli. 

On her 1990 album '17 songs', arranged and produced by the Cuban Leo Brouwer, she also included three songs she recorded with Vangelis.


Tracklist and Credits
The following songs on this album were composed, arranged and produced by Vangelis:

bulletTora Xero
bulletSan Elektra
bulletOdi A

Lyrics by: Michalis Bourboulis

Sound engineer: Nikos Despotidis





1990 Tropical Music 883734 West-Germany
1990 Minos MCD 906/7 Greece (17 TRAGOUDIA)

1990 Minos MCM 906/7 Greece (17 TRAGOUDIA)

Recording Studio
All three songs are recorded in Athens Sounds Studio, Greece.

It is rumored that Maria and Vangelis recorded two additional songs, that were not used for the album....

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