Concerto Per Margherita

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

1976 was a busy year for Vangelis, judging from the number of albums he worked on. After signing to record label RCA a year earlier, he did not only create the music for his solo album Albedo 0.39 and for the Frédéric Rossif wild-life movie "La fête sauvage", but in-between he managed to work with Patty Pravo on her album Tanto, and also cooperated with Riccardo Cocciante on his album Concerto per Margherita. Vangelis is credited for producing and arranging the entire album, but not for composing. Italian pop singer Riccardo Cocciante, then only at the start of his career, is nowadays a popular artist in Italy and Europe.







Credits on the cd





1976 RCA TPL1 1220 Italy/Spain/France

Also released as "Concierto para Margarita"
1976 RCA AVS 4414 Argentina/Uruguay
1977 PL 31280 Spain (only this one is sung in Spanish!)

1977 Margherita/Primavera  RCA TPBO 1243 Italy/Spain/West Germany
1977 Margherita/Primavera  RCA 101.7107 Brazil/Argentina
1977 Margarita/Primavera  PB 6045 Spain (sung in Spanish)
1978 Margarita/En la orilla del Rio CRS-002 Chile (sung in Spanish)

1977 Margherita/Primavera/Michelle/Lucia  (EP) RCA 102.7033 Brazil

1998 RCA 625122 Italy
2000 BMG Ricordi/RCA 1764832 Italy (Remastered digipack)
2001 BMG Ricordi/RCA 1846892 Europe (Remastered)
200? BMG Ricordi/RCA  Italy (TV Sorrisi e Canzoni no.3 incl. magazine)

Also released as "Concierto para Margarita"
2001 BMG Ricordi/RCA 1847042 Europe (Remastered)
this version includes 6 bonus tracks, but these have nothing to do with Vangelis.

Warning,  the French issued cd "Concerto pour Marguerite" does not contain Vangelis' music!

Recording studio
The music for this album was recorded at Nemo Studio in London, England.


bulletDid you ever wonder who made the curious sleeve design ? Well, it turns out Mr. Cocciante liked the work of Bernhard Grisel at the time. The sleeve shows a part of one of his paintings, this one named "Les Styriennes". Mr. Grisel used his wife as a model for the painting. The painter tragically died of the consequences of car accident in 1982, but the painting is still in the hands of the family.

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