a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

In 1970 Dimitri Tambossis travelled, in the footsteps of Aphrodite's Child, from Greece to France. In Dimitri own words “with 4 dollars in my pocket, a suitcase and many dreams”...  While Vangelis remains in the Parisian studios to prepare what is to become Aphrodite's Child final album "666", the band tours through Europe consisting of Demis Roussos, Lucas Sideras, Lakis Vlavianos, Harris Chalkitis and... Dimitri Tambossis!

While touring with Aphrodite's Child, Dimitri forms a one-time collaboration as the group "Eros" together with Lucas Sideras,  Harris Chalkitis, and Lakis Vlavianos to release the single "Rain Train / I can see it" in1971. After Aphrodite's Child breaks up, Dimitri co-writes the song "And I cry" for Lucas Sideras' first solo album "One day" (1972).

Ready for an international solo career, his first single "Pour Soul/Muscle hands" is an instant success and reaches the first place in the French charts!  While in France, Dimitri records and releases eleven singles, two of which are confirmed to have Vangelis' input. While the first single "Sing all you can / The Land" has Vangelis' musical direction, the second single contains a new composition by Vangelis, "Pretty One". According to Dimitri, Vangelis also plays a piano part on the song "Rolly Miss Rolly". Also playing with Dimitri and Vangelis on all of these songs (except "Pretty One") is the Greek band "Socrates", with whom Vangelis would produce their solo album "Phos" one year later...

After his success in France, Dimitri returns to Greece to pursue a second solo career, continued for ten years in the United States from 1983. After returning to Greece again in 1993 Dimitri occasionally travels back and forth to the United States. Nowadays Dimitri lives and works on the Greek island of Rhodes, where even today he still composes and performs his music while preparing his next album...


Tracklist and Credits


Sing all you can / The Land


Pretty One / Rolly Miss Rolly

"Pretty One" composed by V. Papathanassiou.

"Sing All You Can / The Land"
Direction musicale, orchestration: V.O. Papathanassiou.

Both singles are pretty hard to find!



1974 Sing all you can / The Land Mercury 6011064 France/Spain/Italy/Portugal
1974 Sing all you can / The Land Polydor 2001 514 West-Germany/Austria
1974 Pretty One / Rolly Miss Rolly Mercury 6011067 France


1974 Various Artists - "As 14 Mais Da Difusora vol. II" Fontana 6338.382  Brazil (contains "Sing all you can")
1974 Various Artists - "Special Pop Party"  Double LP Philips 6612046 France (contains "Pretty One")


Recording Studio
These songs are recorded in Studio des Dames in Paris, France.
Sound Engineeer: Dominic Pencet.


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