E Tu

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Still hanging around in Paris in 1974, Vangelis works with Claudio Baglioni on his album 'E tu'. Claudio is an Italian pop singer, at the time like Vangelis still at the beginning of his career. Vangelis is not only credited for arranging all songs on the album, he also plays an impressive number of instruments !







Credits on the remastered cd


1974 RCA TPL1 1076 Italy/Spain
1974 RCA AVS 4319 Argentina (released as 'Y tu')
1974 Arcano Records DKL1-3905 USA

1974 E tu... / Chissa' se mi pensi  RCA TPBO 1041 Italy/France/Spain/Greece/West Germany
1974 Quanda strada da fare / E tu... RCA PB 6054 France
1974 E tu / Amore bello RCA 101.7067 Brazil
1974 Y tu... / Quiza si mi piensas  RCA SPBO 9197 Spain (sung in Spanish)
1975 Sabado por la tarde / Y tu RCA 45.671 Venezuela

Could it be that a Portuguese version exists of the song 'E tu', named 'Vo cÍ'?

1985 RCA PD70843 Italy.
2000 RCA 761812 Italy (Remastered)
2000 BMG 19691 (Compilation of Spanish songs, including 'Y tu' and 'Quizas si me piensas')

The Italian cd issued in 2000 is 24-bit digitally remastered, as well as newly and differently mixed than the first cd issue.

Recording studio
The music for this album was recorded at Davout Studio in Paris, France.


bulletThe later issued remastered edition contains the same mix of music as 'Y tu', the Argentinean print of the LP, which is different from other releases! Note that this release is NOT sung in Spanish (as I always assumed), but in Italian !

For all the lyrics of this album, go to : Vangelis and Claudio Baglioni lyrics