George Romanos

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

George Romanos is a Greek artist who recorded several albums in the sixties and seventies. His music ranges from Greek pop to psychedelic rock. In 1968 George worked with "Vangelis and his Orchestra" on several songs that appeared on his album "In concert and in the studio". 

The members of Vangelis' "orchestra" were in fact the same musicians that would later that year form the group "Aphrodite's Child", after the group travelled to France in search of a more international audience....

Curiously, the instrumental versions of the songs “I agapi mas kimate sta nera” and “To Roloi” would in the same year also be released as a 7” single under Vangelis’ name, titles “Our love sleeps on the waters” and “The clock”. The single would be the very first solo single ever to be released by Vangelis !


Tracklist and Credits

bulletI agapi mas kimate sta nera
bulletEi koritsi
bulletOtan moupes
bulletTo Roloi

Songs composed by George Romanos
Performed by Vangelis Papathanassiou and his group
Arranged by Vangelis Papathanassiou



1968 In concert and in the studio Zodiac 88006 Greece

1996 In concert and in the studio Zodiac 88006 Greece

1968 To Roloi / Marina Zodiac  ZS 8108 Greece
I agapi mas kimate sta nera / Ei koritsi ZS 8110 Greece

Both the LP and singles are pretty hard to find, but fortunately the CD can still be found in the better sorted Greek record stores.

The songs  To Roloi and Marina have both been included on a Greek 5-cd box set named 'The Ultimate Greek Pop', issued by Radio Gold in Greece. The same box set also includes a full cd with the most complete coverage of The Forminx hits as yet.

Recording Studio
These songs are recorded in studio Columbia, in Athens, Greece.


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