George Theodosiadis

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

From the inside-sleeve of the "Man for all the doings" booklet we learn that "George Theodosiadis was born in Athens in 1940. He studied music and decoration. He started his career in 1960 as a disk-jockey at the Greek National Radio playing rare jazz recordings. Things got off the ground in 1963 when he began to play jazz music with his quartet on radio broadcasts. In the meantime, he composed the music for a film called 'Jealousy'. It was his first soundtrack and unveiled his jazz influences. During the following decades he composed and arranged the music for various films."

In 1964/1965 an ensemble put together by George Theodosiadis played some known jazz songs, as well as some of George's own compositions. Vangelis played the vibraphone on some of these sessions, and indeed these recordings might just be the very first recording of Vangelis ever. Well, not exactly my favorite album based on the music, but interesting enough to get a copy of anyway !

Apparently Vangelis worked with George on several occasions, as with George's music for the 1965 Greek movie 'Man for all the doings'. Vangelis' contribution to this music is very minimal though....

Jazz: Vangelis is credited for playing the vibraphone.

Man for all the doings: Vangelis is credited for "helping out" on the special effects on the track "Espial corridor".


1998 "Jazz" Legend Recordings 5003-2  Greece.

2002 "Man for all the doings" Potfleur POT003 Greece.


Recording Studio
It is unknown where this album is recorded, but considering the time it must have been somewhere in Athens, Greece.