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Apparently the success of 'Chinese Restaurant'   one year before made Italian punk-rock group Chrisma come back for more. The result was 'Hibernation', their second album recorded in Vangelis' studio Nemo and produced by brother Niko.  Vangelis' possible cooperation with Chrisma and his brother on this album has been a source of speculation, but fact is that he is not credited in any way and his participation has never been confirmed...





Tracklist and credits


1979 Polydor 2448 086 Italy/Denmark (released in both regular and transparent vinyl)

1979 Gott Gott Elektron/Vetra Platz  Polydor 2060 195 Italy
1979 Aurora B/Hibernated Nazi Polydor 2060 206 Italy

Recording studio
The album is recorded at Nemo Studios in London - England, and Phonogram Studios - Milan.



bulletWhether Vangelis actually plays on this album or not is still unknown. If he did cooperate, he is not credited in any way, but that is no proof he didn't. He could have, he had the opportunity to do so, but chances are that it is in fact his brother Niko fiddling with the keys here. Even sound engineer Keith Spencer-Allen, who was there during recording, could not confirm nor deny Vangelis' cooperation....When asked, his brother Niko denied Vangelis plays on this album.
Will we ever know ?
bulletWhat we do know however, is that Vangelis cooperated with Chrisma for the first time in 1976, when he composed the songs which would be Chrisma's first single 'Amore' / 'Sweet Baby Sue'. Vangelis is credited under his 'certified' pseudonym 'Richard Broadbaker', which is also used on the 1978 single 'Red square' / 'When the cat's away' by Mama O. (a reference to Vangelis O. Papathanassiou), as well as on the Stavros Logaridis album 'Se alli gi' for the song 'Na m'agapas'. It would be in 1987 that the same Stavros Logaridis character would dispute Vangelis' composition for 'Chariots of fire' in British court, a case Stavros not surprisingly lost.
bulletIn 1977 Chrisma released their second single 'U', both on 7" and 12". The song is a 'remake' of the song 'Who' by Odyssey (a reference to Vangelis' middle-name), composed by Robert Fitoussi and Richelle Dassin in 1974, which Vangelis is credited for arranging and producing. The same song was also recorded by Demis Roussos in 1977 for his album 'Magic', under the name 'I dig you'.
bulletItalian punk-rock group Chrisma (later also known later as Krisma) already recorded another album at Nemo in 1977 named 'Chinese Restaurant', which is also disputed as a Vangelis cooperation....

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