a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Well well, this is it then... another mystery solved! For many years these songs were only known as an entry in the "Spheric list", but now the cat's out of the bag, the words have materialised into music :-)

"Humanity" is the name of a one-time ensemble, a cooperation between Vangelis, Robert Fitoussi, Argyris 'Silver' Koulouris and Michael Haubrich.

According to an account by Robert Fitoussi "we recorded "Bird of love" (a universal peace hymn) and "The Pawn" (a session just for fun, where Vangelis plays drums) at the same time as "Earth"..."


Tracklist and Credits
Side A: "Bird of love"
Composed by Richard Broadbacker.
Lyrics by Michael Haubrich.

Side B: "The pawn"
Composed by Robert Fitoussi.
Lyrics by Michael Haubrich.

The name "Richard Broadbacker" is an acknowledged pseudonym of Vangelis.

"Bird of love" with 4:13 minutes in length is the longest of the two, a slow ballad with vocals singing to slow guitars and Vangelis' typical "Apocalypse"-style organ. Wait a minute, this sounds familiar! Could it be? Yes indeed, this song we already know by a different name, in fact as "NA M'AGAPAS" (Na m'agapas) This song is a part of Stavros Logaridis' album "Se alli gi" (1980), which means that it is in fact Stavros Logaridis who covered "Bird of love" on his album...

"The pawn" clocking in at 3:15 minutes in length is a short and rhythmic song, totally different from "Bird of love", with funky guitars and piano.

The vocal parts on both songs are all sung by Robert Fitoussi, even "The Pawn" which contains two vocals (confirmed by Robert Fitoussi).

The guitar solos in both songs resemble parts of "666" and "Earth" so I guess that Argyris  Koulouris is playing here, which places these songs closely to the ones released on the "Earth" album.


1973 Bird of love / The pawn  Polydor 2056246 France
1975 Bird of love / The pawn  Philips 6060218 Greece/Italy/Portugal/Brazil (as "Umanity")
1975 Bird of love / The pawn  White Label Test Pressing Philips Greece (as "Umanity")

1975 Various Artists - "Hit Parade no.9" Philips 6300122 Greece (contains "Bird of love")

Recording Studio
According to Robert Fitoussi the songs of this single are recorded and mixed in the Parisian "Studio des Dames".

For the lyrics of "Bird of love" and "The pawn", go to Vangelis and Humanity lyrics



bulletRobert Fitoussi is known for his contribution to Vangelis' album "Earth" in 1973. Also around that time Robert wrote the song "Who", which was first released in 1974 under the pseudonym "Odyssey"... Robert and Vangelis met shortly after Vangelis broke up with Aphrodite's Child, in a record company named "La Compagnie", where Vangelis had stocked all his equipment. Vangelis played something and Robert sang to it, they started working together and became friends.
bulletMichael Haubrich has worked with Robert Fitoussi on many occasions, including Vangelis' Earth-album. He confirms to be the second voice singing with Robert on both "He-O" and "Let it happen".
bulletArgyris Koulouris is known as the "fourth" member of Aphrodite's Child, who only made it just in time to France to work on their last album "666". After that he also contributed to an obscure single by "Alpha Beta", Vangelis' albums "The Dragon" (1971), "Earth" (1973) and "See you later" (1980), as well as Demis Roussos' album "Reflection" in 1984...
bulletAlthough this is not the first time that we see Vangelis use his pseudonym "Richard Broadbacker", this certainly is one of the first times that he used it... The same pseudonym is also used for Vangelis' contributions to the Yumas-single (1973), Chrisma's single "Amore" (1976) and also appears on the Mama 'O-single (1978).