a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

What do you do when you have some time to spare, and feel like experimenting with Jazz and Funk ? Exactly, you take off for London, team up with a few fellow musicians, and jam away :-)

Still in 1971, Vangelis played several sessions in the London Marquee Studios, some of them together with violinist Michel Ripoche, bass guitarist Brian Odger and drummer Tony Oxley. For some reason the recordings were never released at the time, and lay shelved until 1978, when Charly Records suddenly released the music under the name 'Hypothesis'. Apparently this release wasn't approved by Vangelis, as he successfully went to court to get the album off the market.

Other recordings of these jam-sessions were released at the same time, titled 'The Dragon'.

Tracklist and Credits

Cover Illustration (not Platinum release) by Angus McKie.


1978 Affinity 77-AFF2 Spain
1978 Charly/Bellaphon CR 3037 West-Germany
1980 Oxford OX3162 Italy
1981 Affinity AFF11 UK
1985 Platinum PLP 71 "Visions of the Future"

1979 Charly/Bellaphon CR 3053 "Portrait" (2LP) The Dragon and Hypothesis.

The LP of Hypothesis is a bit rare, but still possible to find (in Europe at least) in record stores and at record fairs.

Recording Studio
The music for this album was recorded at Marquee Studios, London (May 1971).


bulletMichel Ripoche is the violinist who would also perform on Vangelis' revolutionary album 'Fais que ton rÍve soit plus long que la nuit' a year later...
bulletGiorgio Gomelsky produced the recordings for both 'Hypothesis' and 'The Dragon', but claims never to have been involved in getting them released. Vangelis and Giorgio worked together on yet another occasion, in effect when they recorded a two curious songs under the pseudonym 'Alpha Beta'. Read more about Giorgio Gomelski and his experiences while working with Vangelis at the Elsewhere website.