Little Sammy Gaha

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Haha, Sammy Gaha (or Little Sammy Gaha as he calls himself here) looks like a real character on this photo ;-) With his wild hair and colour-blind outfit he seems to have had a pretty good time back in 1974. J Sammy's career started in Australia in the early sixties when he started doing backing vocals in a group called The Leeman. By the second half of the sixties he even formed his own group "Little Sammy and The In People" in Sydney. 

Just like many artists he came to Paris during the early seventies, where among others he recorded a song for the soundtrack of the film "The legend of Frenchie King" (1971). Apart from that he worked as a session musician and toured around. By 1974 he recorded a single "J'ai envie de toi" b/w "Cuckoo" in the same studio where Vangelis spent a lot of time, and so it came to be that Vangelis helped out with playing synths on these songs....

Sammy Gaha also released some other singles while in Europe, e.g.  "Rock and roll is back again" and "Had to run" a.o. but there are no signs of Vangelis' involvement in any of his other songs...

Tracklist and Credits


Jai envie de toi



Songs composed by Sammy Gaha.
Produced by Norbert Saada
Arrangements by Aldo Franck

Synthesizer played by Vangelis Papathanassiou.


1974 Cathala Publishing 46700 France
1974 Red Bird Records
401.4032 Brazil
1974 Joker M7175 Italy
1974 Melodi Plaklari 74006 Turkey


1974 Various Artists - "Super Parada Mundial vol. II" Som Livre 4047049 Brazil (contains "J'ai envie de toi")

Recording Studio
These songs are recorded in Europa-Sonor Studios, in Paris, France.

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