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In 1977, at the height of his solo-career, Greek singer Demis Roussos, reunited with Vangelis to work in his next album 'Magic'. Together with Lucas Sideras (and also shortly Argyris Koulouris) Demis and Vangelis had formed the successful group Aphrodite's Child, back in 1968. After the break-up around the release of their last album '666' in 1972 all band members pursued a solo-career, and moved in different directions. For 'Magic' however Demis and Vangelis joined forces again, and for Demis it was the start of singing in several languages.


Tracklist and Credits

At original release on LP the album featured slightly different songs lists in different countries. Part of this was caused by the success of 'Because', which Demis ultimately recorded in seven (!) different languages. Other songs (like Bambina, Margarita and Sister Emilyne) were later also released in the French and Spanish language.

Vangelis arranged and produced most of the songs on the album, as well as composed a few songs, which gives the entire album 'the Vangelis touch'.

After working with Vangelis on Patty Pravo's album 'Tanto', and Riccardo Cocciante's album 'Concerto per Margherita', Guy Protheroe conducts the English Chamber Choir on this album as well.



1977 Philips 9101128 Canada / France
1977 Philips 9101132 UK
1977 Philips 9120191-206 West-Germany / Holland / Greece / Spain / Sweden / Yugoslavia / Korea
1977 Philips 5047 Argentina
1981 Pickwick CN2042 UK

1977 Kyrila / I'm gonna fall in love / I dig you / Sister Emilene  Philips Demis 002

1977 Because / Maybe Someday  Philips 6042245 UK / West-Germany / Holland
1977 Because / Maybe Someday  Philips/RTB S-53980 Yugoslavia
1977 Day-O / Because  Philips 6042276 Turkey
1977 Morir Al Lado De Mi Amor / I Dig You  (Because) Philips 6042289 Spain / Mexico / Peru
1977 Mourir Aupres De Mon Amour / I Dig You  (Because) Philips 6042262 France / Canada
1977 Profeta Non Saro / Day-O  (Because) Philips 6042296 Italy
1977 Voce Voce E Nada Mais / I dig you (Because)  Philips 6042314 Portugal

1998 BR Music BX523-2

Note that the CD version of the album is the most complete one, as it contains eight bonus tracks, including two songs that were previously unreleased and composed and produced by Vangelis.

Recording Studio

The music for this album was recorded and mixed in several studios, among which Vangelis' Nemo Studio in London, England. Recording engineer there (although not credited) was Keith Spencer-Allen, Vangelis' sound engineer at the time.


bulletTo support his success of 'Mourir Aupres De Mon Amour' in France, Demis 
recorded additional songs in French, and released the album 'Ainsi soit-il' The 
production of the album was done by Vangelis' brother Niko.
This record is a compilation of some songs recorded for 'Magic', but with added 
French lyrics (Les nuits d'Emilyne, Margarita and Mourir aupres de mon amour)
as well as new French songs. More curiously, it contains one song produced by 
Vangelis that can not be found anywhere else: 'My emotion' (on some sleeves also 
indicated as 'Emotions')
bulletA Greek version of 'Because' is included on the Greek print of the LP. It is
called 'Pote den ein arga'.
bulletA German version of 'Because' is included on the German print of Demis'
1979 album 'Universum', called 'Auf uns wartet eine Welt'.
bulletA Spanish version of 'Bambina' (as well as 'Morir al lado de mi amor') is included on 
the double CD 'Lo Mejor De Demis Roussos'.
bulletVangelis and Demis would later work together on several occasions. After 
Vangelis' success with the score of 'Chariots of Fire' in 1981, Demis offered his 
voice for an oriental chant titled 'Tales of the future' on the next one, 'Blade Runner'.
bulletShortly after, in 1982, Vangelis contributed on a few songs on the album 'Demis'.
bulletFinally, in 1984 Vangelis produced and arranged Demis' album 'Reflection'.


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