Mama 'O

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou


Okay, there really is a lot of humorous things about this record, once you take a closer look at it :-) First of all, the pseudonym Mama 'O. (which is confirmed to be Vangelis by the Spanish press-sheet) actually is a joke about Vangelis' nickname "Papa O." The same sheet apparently also explains why Vangelis is also credited by his other pseudonym, "Richard Broadbaker", apparently for contractual reasons. And finally, notice how the two dancers on the sleeve are really dancing on a ? Just shows that this one-of playful experiment must have been a lot of fun to produce!

Tracklist and Credits


Side A: Red square
Composed by Branovich.

Side B: When the cat's away

Produced and arranged by Richard Broadbaker.




1978 Red square / When the cat's away  Logo L 37010 Spain (promo and stock copy)
1978 Red square / When the cat's away  Logo Records  GO 319 UK (promotional)

Note that the Spanish single comes with a picture sleeve and a press-sheet, unlike the UK single.


Recording Studio
It is not clear where these songs are recorded, but considering the timing most likely Nemo Studio was used to record the songs...



bulletThe pseudonym "Richard Broadbaker" has been used on several occasions, first of all in 1973 on obscure releases by "The Yumas" and "Humanity". Later in 1976 it turns up again on the song "Amore", performed by the Italian group Chrisma. Finally the name appears on Stavros Logaridis' album "SE ALLI GI" in 1980, next to a cover of "Bird of Love" titled "Na m'agapas".