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Hmmm, very little is known about the time when Greek singer Maria and Vangelis met and played together. From the booklet of the
ELLHNIKH ROCK SKHNH No. 2 CD comes the following text:

"Maria was collaborating that time with the Olympians, her first big concert she took part was in 'Avlea' theater (1966) together with Blue Birds, Zoo, Olympians, an Elladisk organized concert for the promotion of her groups. The surprising thing is that "Caro Profesore" composition was signed by Vangelis Papathanassiou..."

Tracklist and Credits

bulletCaro professore
by Vangelis Papathanassiou.
Lyrics by Retty Zalokosta.
bulletIl mondo lo sa


1967 Caro professore / Il mondo lo sa Philips 6105 Greece

ELLHNIKH ROCK SKHNH No. 2 Polydor 531883-2 (includes "Caro professore")

Although the cd has only been issued in Greece, it is still available and can be found in the better stocked record stores there. The vinyl single is impossible to find. 

Recording Studio
It is unknown where these songs are recorded

For the lyrics of "Caro professore" and "Il mondo lo sa", go to Vangelis and Maria lyrics