Michael Hoppé

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Sometimes the truth is more fantastic than fiction! Back in 1986 when Vangelis was still signed to Polydor he met with Polydor executive Michael Hoppé in Los Angeles. After Michael played one of his new compositions for Vangelis, Vangelis then re-played the same thing, and beautifully re-arranging the composition, playing in a way only he can do...

Fortunately Michael recorded that instant improvisation at the time, and now on his album "Solace" the original recording of Vangelis playing "The Parting" is released for the first time. Thank you Michael for rescuing this beautiful moment!

Tracklist and Credits


The Parting

Arranged and performed by Vangelis.
Composed and produced by Michael Hoppé.


2003 Spring Hill Music SHM 6042.2 United States
2003 Papyrus/Universal DK 0398 South Korea
2004 Edel Recor Europe (Enhanced CD)


Recording Studio
"The Parting" is recorded by Michael Hoppé in Los Angeles, USA.