My Love

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

There are a few singles by Vangelis which are worth while finding. This is one of them. The single was released prior to the “See you later” album, and refers to an upcoming album. Curiously though, both songs on the single (‘My love’, backed with ‘Domestic Logic 1’) are not included on “See you later”… The songs sound like they definitely could have come from that album though, and it is a mystery why they were never included. Strange

Another strange tidbit about the ’See you later’ album is that a so-called ‘white label’ test pressing of the album surfaced, that included two more songs that were never included on the final and official release. The titles of these songs were not known for a long time, and were usually referred to as ‘Gestation’ and ‘We are your neighbors’. Only in 2002 the actual titles for these songs were uncovered: 'Fertilization' and 'Neighbors above'. The song My love is also included on this test-pressing. Only one of those pressings did ever surface, talk about rare !

Side1: My love
Side2: Domestic Logic 1

Composed, arranged, and produced by Vangelis

1980 Polydor 2001 973 UK/Australia/Belgium/Norway/France/Ireland
1980 Polydor PS 1160 South-Africa

Try to buy it if you have the chance, the single is pretty rare nowadays, no matter which country of origin !

Recording Studio
These song are recorded in Nemo Studios, London.

For the lyrics of these songs, go to Vangelis lyrics: See you later outtakes