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Neuronium is the artist name of the Belgian keyboard and synthesizer player also known as Michel Huygen. Originally Neuronium is the name of a Spanish-founded band with several members, but since 1982 Michel as the only remaining member continued using the name as a pseudonym. Ever since Neuronium has released quite a number of albums, which are very popular in Spain.

In 1982 Michel Huygen and Carlos Guirao visited Vangelis' Nemo Studios, where they played several improvisational pieces together with Vangelis. Apparently Michel took the recordings with him, as ten years later he released them on a cd-single 'In London'.

It seems Michel has found a way cashing in on the recording and Vangelis' name, as in 2002 the same music has been released a third time already, this time as 'The platinum edition"...

The actual improvisation of Neuronium and Vangelis in 1982 was also recorded by a Spanish television crew, who were visiting Nemo Studios at the time for a special report. Their footage turned up on Spanish television in a show named ‘Musical Express’.

Tracklist and Credits

bulletIn London / In London (edit)
bulletIn London (The psychotronic mix / The after hours mix / The radio mix)

Performed by Vangelis and Neuronium.
Original recording engineered by Raine Shine.


1992 In London Chacra CHACD 036 Canada
1993 In London/ In London (edit) 4U 952027 Germany
1996 A separate affair Tuxedo TUX CD 5030 Switzerland
2002 In London (Platinum Edition) Neuronium Records NRC0003 (CS) Spain


Recording Studio
The original recording is made at Nemo Studios, London, UK.
Digital mastering at Neuronium Studio, Barcelona, Spain.