a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Another oddity is this single released under the name "Odyssey". Made and released in 1974, it contains two songs, "Who" and "Sad Face". The first song is written by Robert Fitoussi, with lyrics by Richelle Dassin, who both worked a year before with Vangelis on his album "Earth". The second song is a solo effort by Vangelis, who's middle name is used here as a pseudonym...

Tracklist and credits

bulletWho (Robert Fitoussi / Richelle Dassin)
bulletSad Face (Vangelis Papathanassiou)

Arranged and produced by Vangelis Papathanassiou

 1974 Who / Sad Face WWA Records WWS009

Recording studio
It is unknown where the songs "Who" and "Sad Face" are recorded. As a speculation, it is possible that  these songs are 'leftovers' from recordings for the "Earth" album made in 1973. If so, the songs are recorded in Europa Sonor studio in Paris.

For the lyrics of "Who", go to Vangelis and Odyssey lyrics: Who


The song "Who" was covered twice by different artists in 1977, and both times Vangelis was (most likely) involved. First Demis Roussos covered the song as "I dig you", which was released on his album "Magic" and produced and arranged by Vangelis. Later that year Italian progressive rock-group Chrisma covered the song as "U",  which was released as the group's second single ever. Vangelis' contribution to this cover has however never been confirmed, as he is not credited in any way. All we know for sure is that Vangelis was involved in the release of Chrisma's very first single "Amore / Sweet Baby Sue" in 1976, where he is credited under his confirmed pseudonym Richard Broadbaker. Whether Vangelis is involved in the Chrisma albums "Chinese Restaurant" (1977) and/or "Hibernation" (1979), both recorded in Nemo and produced by Vangelis' brother Niko, is still disputed...