Raymond Lefevre

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Who could have guessed that Vangelis wrote the theme for the 'Rose d'or' event back in 1970? How is it possible that these gems keep popping up, even after more than 30 years ? Well in this particular case the theme (titled 'Stephanie') got released on an album by Raymond Lefevre, who arranged it for his 'Grand Orchestre', including a big brass section, strings, drums, percussion and yes....an organ :-) Is Vangelis playing here ? I think he is! A wonderful theme, very seventies, varied, only two-and-a-half minutes long but fluid and lively every second of it.

Raymond Lefevre by the way is a French arranger and conductor who released many records in France in the sixties and seventies, mostly cover versions of well known songs, which he arranged for his orchestra.

Tracklist and Credits



Song composed by Vangelis Papathanassiou.
Arrangement by Raymond Lefevre. 


1970 Concerto pour une voix... Riviera 550.005 France
Concerto pour une voix... Riviera/Seven Seas SR471 Japan
1970 Raymond Lefevre et son grand orchestre No.12 Riviera 70019 France/Canada
1971 Variétés Barclay 521146 UK
1977 Concerto pour une voix... Barclay 45510 Canada

1998 Je t'aime moi non plus / Concerto pour une voix... Riviera/Seven Seas VICP-60558 Japan

Any of the LP's would take a bit of effort to find, but still it should be possible on record fairs and specialized stores. The CD is especially hard to come by.

Recording Studio
It is unknown where this song is recorded.