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The last time Vangelis and Demis Roussos worked together on an album they decided to collect a set of songs from the old days. Their effort for Reflection is by some regarded as their worst cooperation ever, the songs sounding kind of cheesy. Fortunately there are also people who enjoy listening to this, so you better find out for yourself !


  1. When a man loves a woman
  2. Stand by me
  3. Love me tender
  4. The great pretender
  5. Stormy weather
  6. I almost lost my mind
  7. Marie Jolie
  8. Smoke gets in your eyes
  9. As time goes by

Vangelis is credited for producing and arranging. Interesting to note that one of the songs covered on Reflections is 'Marie Jolie', originally an Aphrodite's Child song, composed by Vangelis. Other people involved here are:

bulletArgyris 'Silver' Koulouris, guitars
bulletDick Morrisey, saxophone
bulletCarol Kenyon and Tessa Niles, backing vocals
bulletRaphael Preston and Jess Sutcliffe, engineers


1984 Mercury 824028 Holland/Greece/Spain/Korea/Kenya
1984 Five FM 13541 Italy
1984 Starblend Demis 1 UK
1984 JEB Records JB206 Australia

1984 Stand by me / When a man loves a woman  Mercury 880660 Spain
1984 Love me tender / Red sails in the sunset Starblend Star4 UK / France
1984 When a man loves a woman / The great pretender Mercury MS76228 Canada

1999 Mercury 824028 Korea 

Less difficult to find than the Korean CD is the BR Music release of 'Attitudes' in 1995, which contains six songs from the Reflection album as bonus tracks.

Recording Studio
The album is recorded in Vangelis' Nemo studios.


bulletTogether with Lucas Sideras (and also shortly Argyris 'Silver' Koulouris) Demis and Vangelis had formed the successful group Aphrodite's Child, back in 1968. After the break-up around the release of their last album '666' in 1972 all band members pursued a solo-career, and moved in different directions.
bulletPreviously, back in 1977, at the height of his solo-career, Demis Roussos reunited with Vangelis to work in his next album 'Magic'.
bulletBack then, to support his success of 'Mourir Aupres De Mon Amour' in France, Demis recorded additional songs in French, and released the album 'Ainsi soit-il'. The  production of the album was done by Vangelis' brother Niko. This record is a compilation of some songs recorded for 'Magic', but with added  French lyrics.
bulletVangelis and Demis would later work together on several occasions. After  Vangelis' success with the score of 'Chariots of Fire' in 1981, Demis offered his  voice for an oriental chant titled 'Tales of the future' on the next one, 'Blade Runner'.
bulletIn 1982 Vangelis contributed on a few songs on the album 'Demis'.


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