Ricardo Credi

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

During the sixties a
French singer with the name of Ricardo Credi traveled to Greece. Apparently he came from the south of France, while in Athens he pursued a career in the Greek night-clubs of the era. In 1967 he released a single on the Philips label "Siga siga", backed with "Non et non". The last track is considered part of the Greek 'Garage' movement from the sixties, as it was released on the (bootleg) garage LP "Operation Shake the Earth" (volume 1) 

The special thing about these songs is that they were recorded together with a 'Vangelis Papathanassiou and his Orchestra'. The booklet of the "ELLHNIKH ROCK SKHNH"No. 3 CD explains: 

"...1967.... that year George Petridis goes from the 'Blue Birds' to the 'We Five' replacing Demis Roussos who left the group and together with Vangelis Papathanassiou, Loukas Sideras and Argyris Koulouris create the scheme 'Papathanassiou Set' that evolves to 'Aphrodite's Child'. Papathanassiou - Sideras - Roussos - Koulouris play as session musicians in many recordings and also in the Hilton. They also play among others in the recording of 'Siga-Siga' of Ricardo Credi. That's why this song is in this collection; a historic recording with 'Aphrodite's Child' before they took this title and long before their European success....."

Track list and Credits

Side A: Siga siga
Composed and performed by Ricardo Credi.
V. Papathanassiou and his Orchestra

Side B: Non et non
Composed and performed by Ricardo Credi.
V. Papathanassiou and his Orchestra


1967 Siga siga/Non et non Philips 6143 Greece
1967 Siga siga/Une larme SLD
(Societe Libanaise du Disque) RF 124 Lebanon

Operation Shake the Earth Vol. 1 (includes 'Non et non') Greece

ELLHNIKH ROCK SKHNH No. 3 Polydor 531884-2 (includes 'Siga siga')

Although the cd has only been issued in Greece, it is still available and can be found in the better stocked record stores there. Any of the vinyl singles is impossible to find. Note that "Une Larme", the flip-side of the Lebanese single, has no relation with Vangelis.
The LP including just the one song appears to be a bootleg and is limited to 500 copies. Sofar very few copies have surfaced.

Recording Studio
It is unknown where these songs are recorded

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