Sex Power

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Henry Chapier's first feature film"Sex Power" is a film with legendary status. Being the first movie score of Vangelis after leaving Greece, somehow it managed to remain a mystery to fans for 40 years... Ever since it's original opening in cinema's in 1970, the movie remained unreleased until an official DVD appeared in 2010.

Not much is known about the original screenings except that it played at the 1970 San Sebastian Film Festival where it won the Silver Shell Award. That year the Golden Shell award went to an Italian film named "Ondata di colore". It is likely that the film also played for some time in French cinemas, as suggested by the lobby cards displayed on the side of this page.

"Sex Power" is the only film of Henry Chapier which score has been released on a soundtrack album, nothing was however heard from the music that Vangelis made for "Salut Jerusalem" and "Amore". The last two movies have however been released by and can be viewed there online...

Details and Credits
Sex Power (France, 1970)
Length: 81 minutes
Released in France: June 17th, 1970

Directed by: Henry Chapier

Scenario: Henry Chapier
Dialog: Pierre Mac Avoy
Cinematography: Edmond Richard
Music: Vangelis Papathanassiou
Montage: France Duez
Sound: Jacques Gerardot

Produced by Midem Productions and Parafrance
Producer: Bernard Chevry



Alain Noury


Juliette Villard (Femme fatale)


Jane Birkin (Jane)


Bernadette Lafont (Salomé)


Elga Andersen (Lorelei)


Catherine Marshall


Leila Shenna


It took 40 years after the original cinema release for Sex Power to receive an official release on DVD!



2010 CO-541 Doriane Films France

Recording Studio
The music for "Sex Power"  is recorded at Europa Sonor Studio in Paris, France. This is the same studio where also the albums "666" (Aphrodite's Child), "Fais que ton reve soit plus long que la nuit" and "Earth" are recorded.

As told on the original press-sheet: "Sex-Power (L'homme coeur) is a film about what happens when imagination takes over. It is the story of a boy (Alain Noury) in search of himself and of the real meaning of freedom: a twenty-year-old face to face with Woman, with Love.

His emotional education takes place between two journeys: a solitary trip across America -in the grip of the hippie myth- and a long oneiric odyssey on the part of the hero, who lets his mind dwell at length on the temptation provided by women other than the one who loves him. So Alain is torn by an emotional reality  -his relationship with Jane (Jane Birkin)- and the wanderings of his youthful imagination. The journey that takes him from California to a desert that could be the Sahara -is it rela or imaginary? The women he dreams of -do they exist only in his mind or do they represent real encounters? Sex Power shows that ... and adventure has no real existence: as you come nearer, it drifts further away...

The ideal of symbolic women in the film are presented in the guise of characters of legend: Bernadette Lafont is Salome, Elga Andersen is Lorelei, and Juliette Villard takes up the tradition of the femme fatale.

And where is Alain at the end of his real and imaginary journeys? Sex Power provides no cut-and-dried answer, but leaves the question open; but it makes it clear that one must learn to make the most of promises and happiness, and discover, through being faithful in love, something even more valuable- how to be true to oneself."


Or as told by Dan Pavlides (AMG): "This symbolic film follows the journey of a young man as he awakens to his sexual desires. He is seen naked in the desert and in full attire talking to hippies at Berkeley. He sees a dancing girl and a young British woman with a little girl. Cleopatra appears in the desert, and a German girl recites poetry. All the women depicted are symbolic of love, family and desire that is the focus of his search."