Stavros Logaridis

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Well here is an interesting dilemma... Ever since the discovery of a single by the group named Humanity, this release by Stavros Logarides has become a bit of a mystery...Why you might ask yourself? Hang on, let me explain...

In 1973 Vangelis composed a song "Bird of love", which was then released by the group Humanity. For some reason Vangelis used his pseudonym "Richard Broadbaker". Seven years later, in 1980, the same song appears on the album "Se alli gi" by fellow-Greek Stavros Logaridis, now titled NA M'AGAPAS (Na m'agapas). But as the album by Stavros was known before the single by Humanity was found, the song has always been classified as a collaboration between Stavros and Vangelis. But now I am not so sure, I guess it is likely that Stavros really covered "Bird of love" on his album, and that Vangelis was not personally involved. Which means that this album should really be classified among "covers" rather than "collaborations" :-)

Stavros Logaridis and Vangelis were long time friends, at least until Stavros sued Vangelis in 1987. His complaint was plagiarism, and the subject was "Chariots of Fire". When the case was brought to court, Vangelis played in front of the judge to explain his method of composition. Not surprisingly, the judge ruled Vangelis to be the genuine composer of "Chariots of Fire", not in the least since Vangelis explained that the common notes between "Chariots of Fire" and Stavros Logaridis'  "City of Violets" also commonly appear in other older compositions of Vangelis, some of them even going back until the days of Aphrodite’s Child...

As far as the rest of the album is concerned, I think it is pretty good, I like it very much. Considering the one song composed by Vangelis is actually a cover, Stavros is a pretty good musician himself. I wonder (but doubt) if they ever talked to each other after the court case closed....

Tracklist and Credits

As printed on the cd

Vangelis is credited for composition of NA M'AGAPAS under his (certified) pseudonym Richard Broadbaker.
Lyrics written by Dimitris Latropoulos.



1980 Polydor 2421136 Greece

1996 Polydor 531873 Greece

The CD contains apart from the original nine songs of the album four bonus tracks, which are in fact older recordings from 1973 and 1978. The LP is not very common, but might still be found in the vinyl stores in Greece. The CD is still available in the better sorted record stores in Greece, or in Athens at least.

Recording Studio

This album is recorded in studio ERA.


bulletThe pseudonym 'Richard Broadbaker' has been used on several occasions, first of all in 1976 for the song "Amore" performed by the Italian group Chrisma. The other occasion was for a single Vangelis made under another pseudonym "Mama O" in 1978.


For the lyrics of "NA M'AGAPAS", go to: Vangelis and Stavros Logaridis: Se alli gi