a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Only just having released his very own solo album, the first one recorded in Nemo Studios in London (Heaven and Hell), Vangelis works with Italian songstress Patty Pravo. Little is known about their cooperation, but nowadays Patty still is a very popular singer in Italy. Vangelis arranges and obviously plays keyboards, while Guy Protheroe conducts the English Chamber choir.


01. Tanto
02. Per te che mi apri l'universo
03. Io ti venderei
04. La mia stagione in piu
05. Assurdo
06. Le cicale
07. Per amarti d'amore
08. E io cammino
09. Dove andranno i nostri fiori
10. Eri la mia poesia


Credits on the cd


1976 TPL1 1195 Italy/West Germany

1976 Tanto/Io ti venderei  RCA TPBO 1186 Italy

1998 CFD 01057 (11 cd box including Tanto)
2001 BMG Ricordi 74321546892

Recording studio

The music for this album was most likely recorded at Nemo Studio in London, England, although the album contains no information about the subject. Recording engineer most likely was Keith Spencer-Allen, Vangelis' sound engineer at the time.

Well, not even a rumour actually, but there is a strange connection between Patty Pravo and Socrates' album Phos.... In 1976 Patty also made another album containing 3 covers of songs composed by the Greek rock group Socrates, and produced by Vangelis. Strange enough, a year later and after Vangelis and Patty worked on the album Tanto, she sings cover versions of these songs...

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