Vicky Leandros

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Vicky Leandros, born as Vassiliki Papathanassiou on the Greek island Corfu in 1952, moved to West-Germany with her parents in 1958. Vicky is mostly known to a wider audience for her songs performed at the Eurovision Song festival, which she wins in 1972 with her entry 'Apres toi'. After this success her career booms worldwide, but especially in Germany and Greece. 

In 1983 Vangelis contributes a song to Vicky's album 'Vicky', titled 'Adler und Taube'. This song, originally recorded with German lyrics, is later also released with French lyrics, as 'La colombe et l'aigle'.

Although Vangelis and Vicky share the same family name 'Papathanassiou', it is not likely that they are related, as the name is quite common in Greece. 

Tracklist and Credits

bulletAdler und Taube / La colombe et l'aigle

Composed by Vangelis.
Lyrics by Chr. Heilburg and Joachim Horn-Bernges.
Produced by Gregor Rottschalk and Joachim Horn-Bernges.

Note that Vangelis does not play on these songs.


1983 Philips 815797-1 West-Germany
1983 Philips 817099-1 Holland
1983 Philips 817367-1 Holland
1984 Carrere 66.166 France
1985 Carrere DK-634 Canada 

Unfortunately this album was never released on CD. Any of the LP's is pretty hard to find, but if you're looking for a copy I suggest you focus on the German issue, as that one still pops up once and a while...

Recording Studio
Recorded in July-August 1983 in Landauer Soundstudio, Berlin, Germany.

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