With All My Heart

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Spanish soprano Montserrat Caballe is a renowned singer in the classical world. Apart from classical works she has made some steps into the pop-scene , and she is best known by a bigger audience through her song ‘Barcelona’, which she sang together with the late Freddy Mercury. That was back in 1992, when the song was made as a tribute to the Olympic Games held at the time in Barcelona, Spain. In 1994 Montserrat Caballe (named after the monastery of Montserrat) was appointed as a 'Goodwill Ambassador'  for UNESCO.

In 1997 Montserrat Caballe releases ' With all my heart', an album compiled with classical works from Delibes, Mozart, Bach, Mahler and.....Vangelis. The album features one composition by Vangelis.

Tracklist and Credits

bulletThe prayer

Composed, arranged, produced and performed by Vangelis.


1998 BMG Classics 74321 57994 Europe/Brazil (With all my heart)
1998 BMG Classics 74321 62975 Germany (Von Ganzem Herzen)
1998 BMG Classics 74321 63707 Spain (Con todo mi corazon)

Recording Studio
The songs for this album were recorded in several studios. 'The Prayer' is referred to as 'Recorded in Athens, August 1998'.



Vangelis and Montserrat first appear together on the same album in 1995, on special and limited edition of the ‘Foros Timis Ston Greko’ album, which is sold only at the National Gallery museum in Athens, Greece. This album is later also commercially released in 1998.


Vangelis also appears on another album of Montserrat, Friends for Life, where he contributes two songs.


In 1997 Montserrat Caballe appears (together with her daughter Montserrat Marti) at the opening ceremony of the IAAF World championship Athletics in Athens, Greece. There she sings both ‘The prayer’ as well as 'March with me’.


It is rumored that Vangelis and Montserrat Caballe recorded an album together, which for some reason was never released...