Zoitsa Kouroukli

a look at the music of Vangelis Papathanassiou

Zoitsa "Zoe" Kouroukli is one of the Greek singers that roamed the Greek garage scene in the sixties. In 1959 Miss Kouroukli started out as the candidate for Greece in the election of the “Miss Universe" contest. Although she did make it into the semi-finals, the big prize that year went to her Japanese opponent.

During her musical career that followed, Zoe regularly performed in local venues, and apart from releasing several songs on her own, she also played together with various Greek bands of the time, like The Minis and The Stormies. In 1966 The Minis was a short lived group that released a couple of singles before disappearing, their first single being "Darlin' " / “Yepee Ya Ya song” which includes Zoe's vocals. 

The Minis also recorded several songs with Vangelis playing, their second single contains covers from well the well-known Beatles-songs “And I love her” and “Girl”.

In 1966 and 1967 Zoitsa Kouroukli released two singles with Vangelis' help. The first one, "Oldies but goodies" seems to have been produced on behalf of "Rally Antika 1966", a public event in Athens where a number of antique cars are driven around by people dressed in early 20th century fashion. The event was also broadcast at the time, during which Zoe's song could be heard. The second are Zoe's covers of songs played at the 17th Festival of San Remo.


Tracklist and Credits


Oldies but goodies / Oldies but goodies (instrumental) / One day in Zappion

Songs composed and arranged by Vangelis Papathanassiou.
Lyrics by Nikos Mastorakis.


Ciao amore, ciao / Non pensare a me

Performed by Vangelis Papathanassiou and his Orchestra.



1966 Oldies but goodies / (instrumental) / One day in Zappion Pan Vox 6057 Greece

1967 Ciao amore, ciao / Non pensare a me Pan Vox 6077 Greece (as Zoe)

These vinyl singles are nearly impossible to find, as they were only released in Greece.

The song 'Oldies but goodies' has also been included on a Greek 5-cd box set named 'The Ultimate Greek Pop', issued by Radio Gold in Greece. The same box set also includes a full cd with the most complete coverage of The Forminx hits as yet.

Recording Studio
It is unknown where these songs are recorded.


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